IBEW Local 110
Latest Per Cap Update for ...
... the Alabama AFL-CIO, Colorado AFL-CIO, Connecticut AFL-CIO, Kentucky AFL-CIO, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Minnesota AFL-CIO, Oklahoma AFL-CIO, South Carolina AFL-CIO, Texas AFL-CIO, Washington State Labor Council, and the Minneapolis and the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federations.
Some AFL-CIO State/Fed local network security configurations prevent either the automatic download or the automatic installation of software updates, and so we have chosen a hybrid strategy which ensures that all state implementations can be updated as required. We can activate an update service in the software which detects and downloads software update execution files and prompts the user to initiate the update, or the latest update can be accessed and downloaded here if local security settings interupt the integrated update option.
Latest Update Download:  LaborKey Per Cap 4.0.0085
Latest Update Instructions:  
(1) Download and extract the compressed setup to a local folder.
(2) Right-click extracted setup and select "Run as administrator".
Running as administrator ensures that the software is updated for past, current and future logged in user profiles. This option prevents registry problems down the road and ensures the setup is not interupted by any permissions limitations.
(3) Respond affirmatively to each prompt.
Special Per Cap Arrangement for ...
... the Alaska AFL-CIO, Arkansas AFL-CIO, Delaware AFL-CIO, Idaho AFL-CIO, Maine AFL-CIO, Montana AFL-CIO, Nebraska AFL-CIO, New Hampshire AFL-CIO, New Mexico Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, North Dakota AFL-CIO, South Dakota State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, Utah AFL-CIO, Vermont State Labor Council and the Wyoming AFL-CIO.
Special Arrangement:  LaborKey Per Cap "Slim" for Small State/Feds
For All Other AFL-CIO State/Feds ...
Send a request for AFL-CIO state/fed references, sample Per Cap reports and a 45 minute demo to support@laborkey.com, or call 612.554.5394.
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