IBEW Local 110
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Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Willa Hockley-Smith, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer
Per Cap:   The LaborKey Per Cap database has streamlined our data and made everything so much easier! I don't know what I would do without it.
Colorado AFL-CIO
April Martinez, Financial & Operations Administrator
Per Cap:   With Brett's understanding of unions and the particular needs of labor he has set up the credential process in LaborKey to work perfectly for our Conventions. He's dedicated and always available - even Sunday morning from our Convention site!
Emily Speight, CAE, Accountant
Per Cap:   I think LaborKey is excellent per capita software. It is easy to use and it provides the reports we need to track membership and per capita information.
Oklahoma AFL-CIO
Jimmy C. Curry, President
Per Cap:   We had been searching for software to meet our special requirements ever since we made the jump from an IBM 3b2 computer to PC's in 1999. ... Nobody had anything that would fit our needs. ... I highly recommend LaborKey and wish anyone good luck trying to find anything similar or that even comes close to doing what this software does.
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Barb Boettcher, Office Manager
Per Cap:   LaborKey is so simple to use and has made my job so much easier. We enter payments, run statements and a report or two each month. There is so much more it can do and we hope to utilize that as the need arises. It is very important to me that when an affiliate calls with a question I can answer it and make any changes in LaborKey so quickly.
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