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LaborKey Per Cap Software
LaborKey Per Cap is our AFL-CIO affiliate database management system. Our Per Cap software dates back to early 2000 and it has undergone five major revisions in earlier years and considerable expansion in recent years.
Primary LaborKey Per Cap Features:
•  AFL-CIO affiliate account and contact administration,
•  per capita and assessment payment and deposit tracking,
•  per capita billing statements and analysis reports and audit reports,
•  delegate eligibility and voting strength tracking (incl. credentials), &
•  many additional reporting options including directory publication.
We thoroughly enjoy our close working relationships with the AFL-CIO state/feds and CLC's/ALC's which subscribe to LaborKey Per Cap. There is nothing better than making a real positive difference for organized labor and working families while earning a living. We currently support the Alabama AFL-CIO, Colorado AFL-CIO, Connecticut AFL-CIO, Kentucky AFL-CIO, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Minnesota AFL-CIO, Oklahoma AFL-CIO, South Carolina AFL-CIO, Texas AFL-CIO, Washington State Labor Council, and the Minneapolis and the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federations.
We offer a tiered monthly software license fee broken down into eight default rates for eight groups of states, according to ranges of estimated statewide union membership. Our rates are steeply discounted for AFL-CIO state/feds in Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming. If you are one of these state/feds, and you have an older unsupported Paradox, FoxPro, or FileMaker database, or only paper records, we can quickly migrate your data.
Send a request for AFL-CIO state/fed references, sample Per Cap reports and a 45 minute demo to support@laborkey.com. Let's talk!
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