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LaborKey Per Cap Software - B.C.T.C. Configuration
LaborKey Per Cap is our AFL-CIO affiliate database management system. Most AFL-CIO State Federations, Area Labor Federations and metropolitan Central Labor Councils use our software. The national AFL-CIO is helping coordinate the deployment of LaborKey Per Cap software along with full service (migration, training, support, etc.) to all remaining State Feds, CLC's and ALF's, with all costs covered by the national office.
We developed a custom configuration of our Per Cap software for Building and Construction Trades Councils after we began receiving requests from per capita data administrators who administrate data for both AFL-CIO C.L.C. and B.C.T.C. offices. This B.C.T.C. configuration of LaborKey Per Cap is gaining popularity. The monthly license fees for the B.C.T.C. configuration are very low - typically $45 for a local B.C.T.C. and typically $50 for a statewide B.C.T.C. - because there are only 15 building trades unions to track. These low license fees and covered services are plainly defined in our two simple B.C.T.C. Per Cap License Agreements listed at the bottom of this page. With a minimum service period of only one month, it would be safe to give the service a try - kick the tires and see if the service is a good fit.
Send a request for sample B.C.T.C. Per Cap reports and a 45 minute demo to support@laborkey.com. Let's talk!
Primary LaborKey Per Cap Features:
•  B.C.T.C. affiliate account and contact administration,
•  per capita and assessment payment and deposit tracking,
•  per capita billing statements and analysis reports and audit reports,
•  delegate eligibility and voting strength tracking (incl. credentials), &
•  many additional reporting options including directory publication.
LaborKey Per Cap Software Guide:
•  LaborKey Per Cap Software Overview
B.C.T.C. Per Cap License Agreements:
•  LaborKey Per Cap Statewide B.C.T.C. License Agreement
•  LaborKey Per Cap Local B.C.T.C. License Agreement
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