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LaborKey Per Cap is our AFL-CIO affiliate database management system. Our Per Cap software dates back to early 2000, but this product really took off in the past three years, after the AFL-CIO referred the Massachusetts AFL-CIO to us. We are particularly motivated to build on this momentum.
WageKey is our federal Davis-Bacon and state prevailing wage tracking and reporting system used by 9 of the 15 trades (UBC, IUOE, LIUNA, IBEW, IUPAT, BAC, IRON, HFIAW & UA). Without our software a trade rep would spend weeks, 15 to 45 minutes per Davis-Bacon survey, preparing and filling in mundane data and hoping that there are no typos or errors with the wage and fringe data. With our software the data are collected and analyzed in advance, preventing nearly all errors, and it only takes seconds to populate the electronic federal D.O.L. WD-10 form. We have supported trade unions with their federal surveys across numerous states since 2001.
Our flagship LaborKey membership mobilization product integrates with local membership administration systems and augments member data with additional layers of demographic and legislative data, and it includes convenient member mobilization tools.
Our simple CWA Key utility for CWA locals is packed with reporting options.
Additional Products & Services
We offer a Davis-Bacon Survey Submission service. We prepare all your survey data, provide a variety of analytical reports/maps and we streamline the final survey submission through the Federal D.O.L. electronic WD-10 service. Contact support@laborkey.com for information.
We offer a Data Conversion service for certified payroll reports, especially for Illinois Trade Unions. Contact support@laborkey.com for information.
We recently launched a Wage Tax Fraud activity tracking software program for the Carpenters. This product is designed for UBC Regional Councils only.
We recommend WhoopDeDupe software to convert, cleanse, enhance, dedupe, match & merge unlimited dirty data files locally on your machine, without transmitting private data over the web, and with minimal effort.
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